How to prepare for the MBA entrance exam

If you’re deciding on pursuing the MBA, you’ve come to the right place. The MBA can give your career the right boost that you’ve looking for. Competition has become fierce in the Indian job market as well as internationally. A lot more people have college/bachelor’s degrees than ever before, so if you’re looking to get ahead in your career and give it that little nudge, an MBA could be just the thing you need.

Contrary to what you might think or have been told, it isn’t necessary to attend a b-school as a regular student to reap the benefits of an MBA degree. These days there are many prestigious distance learning opportunities that the top universities provide where you can earn your degree while working or even doing a job. However, having said that, there are obvious benefits to attending b-school. The primary one being that you have a great opportunity to network, connect and build relationships with the leading minds in business. After all, having strong connections in the business world can be a great boon in the future.


Whether or not you choose to attend a top B-school to get your MBA, the degree itself holds a good amount of value in the workplace. Employers value the MBA degree because it represents better knowledge and acumen in the business sphere as well as indicates a drive and an ambition to put in the extra hard work to succeed. An MBA not only guarantees a higher pay package but also broadens career options and puts you in the race for securing good managerial positions in large MNC’s and corporates.

Leading reasons to pursue an MBA:

  • Higher Salaries
  • Better business and career options owing to the opening of a diverse opportunities.
  • Gives the students the knowledge and the skill to become successful entrepreneurs and start their own ventures.
  • Imparts crucial business acumen and helps to develop a powerful skill set that serves to distinguish the student in his or her chosen field.
  • Gives the student ample opportunity to build a strong business network with the alumni of the university and the staff.
  • Provides real world training through various internship programs so that the student gets the opportunity put theory into practice and prepare for work in the business world.

Before you commit to joining any program, it is advisable to do research on some of the best universities in the country and make a list of the B-schools you wish to apply to. There are certain perquisites that you should be aware of while applying.

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Prerequisites to the MBA:

-10+2 pass.

– At least 50% in a bachelor’s course from a reputed institution for a program of three to four years. Or 45% for admission into the reserved.

If you meet both qualifications mentioned above, you can proceed to giving any one of the several entrance test that might be required by the list of colleges that your are considering for application. While some require the CAT, other might require you to give the MAT or GMAT depending on their admission protocols. Continue reading to also know about Tips for Engineering admission.

How to prepare for the MBA Entrance Exam:

MBA Entrance Exam

All entrance test, including the CAT, MAT and GMAT test four essential areas:

  1. English Proficiency: Grasp over the English language, including grammar and vocabulary.
  2. Critical Thinking ability and Logical reasoning: This section tests mathematical and Statistical ability as well as general logical reasoning capability.
  3. General Knowledge on World Affairs:
  4. Public Speaking and presentation through the GD (Group Discussion) and Personal Interview.

Key’s to Proper Preparation:

  • Acquire a comprehensive study guide and purchase a notable CAT or GMAT prep book.
  • Solve papers
  • Brush on language by investing in reading every day.
  • Brush on mathematics and Statistics from school and college.
  • Read the newspaper daily or subscribe to an online news feed to stay on top of the latest business and political news in the world
  • Talk to our seniors who may have given the exam before and follow their guidance.

Prepare well and focus on your weaknesses and should do well. Good luck!